About Us

What we do?

Alumni of New Horizon (ANH) are driven by towards the purpose of strengthening networking and brotherhood among Alumni of New Horizon Institute. Alumni of New Horizon (ANH) boast a membership pool of 8000 members who have been part of the New Horizon Institute over the years. I have been fortunate enough to drive the initiative of strengthening networking and brotherhood among fellow alumni and jointly organize various social development events. One of the most deep realization over the years to me is that, ANH holds a huge resources at the personal and professional level which can be mobilized for the betterment of society. We all love our school experiences as much as we love our family and friends. To share my personal feeling, I get to be the same kid when I visit school now in presence of teaching and non teaching staff. Driven by the vision of being a common platform for various batches of alumni, the current executive board conducts get-together program as a flagship program besides organizing workshops for capacity development of the Alumni and current students of the New Horizon Institute and other social programs. All of these efforts are directed towards imparting information, skill development and linkage among alumni and current students of the New Horizon Institute. We have received very formidable support from School Administration especially from Patron of the ANH in every event. This situates us in a very comfortable but responsible position to conduct program with great care so that image of the ANH and the New Horizon Institute is upheld in all of our events.

Message from the founder President

Dear friends,

It is necessary to recognize the common bond that brings us all together. We all represent the New Horizon Institute and we love our nation, Nepal. A strong alumni association is an important and necessary component of chapter life providing support, advice and assistance.

Since my childhood until now I have come in contact with number of role models who showed me the necessity of strong leadership. Some of those people would be familiar name to you such as founder president of New Horizon institute Late Mr. Lal Chand Shrestha, my father and current principal Mr. Lok nath Upadhaya. These people were very important to materialize the establishment of Alumni of New Horizon (ANH). Similarly I should be thankful for consistent endeavor of founder secretary and current president Mr. Narayan Bahadur Thapa and founder vice president Dr. Saroj Subedi.

At last, I would wish the board of directors for the betterment of alumni as an institution.