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Elected Board Member 2018
Annual General Assembly 2074

Sanjay Gyawali
President | ANH

I am extremely excited to be elected as the president of Alumni of New Horizon (ANH) which has the glorious history of almost two decades. Representing and leading more than eight thousand Alumni from Nepal and all around the world is indeed the matter of great honor and pride. I would like to extend my sincere gratitude to you all for entrusting me and board with this new responsibility. During my tenure, our team will be focused on re-connecting the alumni with school and each other as well as on institutional building of ANH. We have formulated new strategic plan and established organizational committees like: Award and Recognition Committee, Alumni Engagement Committee, Communication and Networking Committee, Fund Management Committee, Student engagement Committee and e-newsletter committee which will work not only to establish and further strengthen alumni network but also to bring back alumni to New Horizon School and serve the community.

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